Mykonos landlord demands €21,000 in rent from employees for a small studio during the tourist season


Shortly before the start of the tourist season, the astronomical prices required for accommodation in Mykonos are fatally commented on, Proto Thema reported.

Before the big wave of tourists starts to reach the "Island of the Winds", an advertisement for renting a studio in Mykonos Town has provoked STRONG reactions.

The reason why a storm of critical comments erupted on social networks is that the owner of this accommodation, just 45 sqm, is asking for ... 21,000 euros for six months, ie it is addressed to someone who will stay on the island for the entire tourist season.


This means that if a restaurant employee wants to stay there, he or she will have to pay more than €3,500 on a monthly basis, possibly well above his or her earnings.

The ad was published by employees of restaurants and hotels, who are looking for housing for this year's tourist season.

The owner of the property states in the ad that the 45 sqm studio can accommodate three people, while clarifying that it is unsuitable for families.

Reading the comments of rage and ridicule from internet users, one sees the following, among others: "I hate to sell myself", "Let someone collect them", "Did he sell it and get confused?" ...



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