Mando: "I was told to be careful to be under 60 kg"


Greek songstress Mando (Adamantia Stamatopoulou) in a recent interview with “Loipon’, opened up about her artistic career, personal life and her view on the #MeToo movement.

The singer was asked about the possibility of competition and discrimination she may have experienced and the pressures as a woman in the entertainment industry.

Mando explained, “Of course this is in our job. In my case, it was not very justified, as I was never interested in any labels or what order I would appear in the line up etc. I am not of this mentality but some see it differently.” When asked if she’d experienced any discrimination regarding weight she replied, “I can not say that I had experienced discrimination. It was just back in those years, it was the trend to be of a very lean frame. Various venue owners where I would perform told me to be careful and to be under 60 kg. It was not discrimination, it was as advice, which of course oppressed me, my body was not meant to be thin. The spectacle was quite funny, as it looked like a very thin body with a big face."


Referring to the #MeToo movement and the reason why nothing has come to light yet about the music scene Mando said, “I completely agree with the #MeToo movement. It goes without saying that as women, we exist, we must say it and not be afraid. I’m in favour of the all these women who have found the courage to speak up.” She went on to explain she personally had never suffered such unpleasant situations but nevertheless, believes that they have happened.

Mando's new song with Panik Entertainment Group

Mando is a highly skilled singer, songwriter and musician, who at a young age took up vocal training by the same vocal coach of Barbara Streisand. Her songs topped the charts in the 90’s and 2000’s and went on to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003. Mando also penned the track, “Where You Are” for Jessica Simpson which was chosen as a theme song for Hollywood’s 20th Century Fox film, “Here On Earth”. Her extensive professional accolades in both Greece and internationally, are nothing short of phenomenal, and she has always been a highly respected artist and woman, who effortlessly oozes grace and elegance.

Mando and Antonis Remos - Emeis

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