Greek crime boss Skaftouros gunned down at parents home Easter Monday

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Greek crime boss Yiannis Skaftouros, 55, was gunned down at his parents home in Skourta, Viotia prefecture on Easter Monday.

Skaftouros was celebrating Orthodox Easter at his hometown when two motorcycles arrived with four helmet-wearing riders, two of whom entered the yard and started firing from Kalashnikov rifles.

Of the nearly 10 people gathered, Skaftouros' daughter, 22, and her father in law, 45, were also slightly injured and hospitalized.

Skaftouros had a long criminal record that included life sentences and was considered one of the "old generation" of Greek crime bosses and was involved or named in criminal cases including murder, the kidnapping of shipowner Periklis Yannopoulos, blackmailing and arson. He had been served life sentences but managed to leave jail legally three years ago, after having completed several years in jail.

Security police attribute his murder to a death contract, part of an ongoing feud between Greek organized crime bosses.

Police are investigating but have not traced the perpetrators.