Russian archeologist beaten by Ukrainians on Easter Sunday near Glyfada (VIDEO)

Oksana Maryakhina easter

A Russian archeologist was severely beaten by Ukrainians on Easter Day at Agios Kosmas beach near the Athens neighbourhood of Glyfada.

Oksana Maryakhina, a Russian citizen, historian and archaeologist, had her head and face kicked and beaten.

She told RIA Novosti that a group of Ukrainians attacked Russians on April 24 as they were celebrating Easter.

“My friends and I were on the beach of Agios Kosmas in Athens, there were many people, everyone cooked meat – it is allowed there. It was already evening, our group dispersed and only four people remained.

"At some distance there was a Ukrainian group, there were 30 of them. In some the moment when we were already packing things, the group began to shout long and hard 'Glory to Ukraine.'

"Our guys – there were two of them left – shouted 'Glory to Russia'.

"In response, obscene language rained down, threats and people went to fight, with some objects in hands."

According to her, she tried to break up the fight but was hit in the face with either brass knuckles or some kind of iron object.

“I saw several familiar faces from the Ukrainian side, tried to reason with them to stop. Nobody heard me and I received bruises on my arms, on my legs, on my ribs,” she said.

Maryakhina said that people ran up to help, called the police, but they took a very long time.

“Those who beat us hid and fled. I made the first statement to the police, now I will go to the forensic medical examiner as they didn’t work [on Easter]," she said.

"I definitely have a concussion. My head is broken, my face is broken.

"Then I will go again to the police and supplement the information that I did not immediately give, and then the lawyers will take care of the case."

The woman said she knows a little about the man who beat her.

“This is Vitaliy Povilchuk, I already know his phone number, address, his details are there. And those who beat me know me," she said.

"These people wanted this fight and they waited until there were fewer of us left.

"We had a big group, but by evening everyone dispersed.

"We do not regret anything, we will win. I am sure they will be punished."

For their part, the Russian Embassy in Greece said on Twitter:

"The Embassy is checking the information that appeared in the media about the beating of a Russian citizen on the beach of Agios Kosmas in Athens on April 24 of this year. The citizens themselves did not apply to the consular department. We established contact with the victims."

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