Greek Supreme Court approves PAOK stadium overhaul


The Greek Supreme Court opened the way on Wednesday for the overhaul of the PAOK soccer facilities in Thessaloniki by approving a presidential decree containing a Special Urban Plan for the entire area of Toumba, where the outdated facility is located.

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The Supreme Court added to the stadium another two plots of land based on a 2018 law, which will allow the facility to become a space for public use and tourist attraction. The plan includes directions for land use, the overhaul of the stadium for the Thessaloniki-based club, and landscaping, bringing the facilities up to date with the club's obligations under FIFA and UEFA, as the court noted.

Responding about the decision, Macedonia & Thrace Minister Stavros Kalafatis said "the state resolved all issues related to urban planning and land use, allowing PAOK to acquire a modern stadium." He stressed that "the new facilities will upgrade both the area of Toumba and Thessaloniki itself."

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