Worker in Mykonos shocked by living conditions - "I had to live in a house with mice"


Complaints about working conditions in most Greek islands, including Mykonos, are increasing.

Seasonal workers in tourist destinations complain of "working in the Middle Ages" at a time when businesses say they are finding it difficult to find staff.

An employee in Mykonos spoke to Mykonos Live about what she experienced when she worked in the summer on the island.

According to her, the room provided by the company was in a miserable condition. She had to stay in a cave house with furniture eaten by mice, and with three male colleagues.

She could not stay there and slept in her car for three months. In fact, as she noted, she bathed in the showers at the beach.

The money a seasonal worker gets is by no means enough to secure their own accommodation. But the accommodation offered by companies in many cases is miserable.

She described the difficulties and dangers she faced in living in the car and being able to be effective at her work at the same time. In fact, she did not receive all the pay accrued to her.

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