Greeks want Sydney metro station named after Indigenous ANZAC who fought in Greece

PHOTO 15 – Captain Reginald Saunders in uniform. Photo by Australian War Memorial.

There is passionate support in the Greek community of Sydney, to see a metro station on Pitt street named after indigenous ANZAC Captain Reginald Saunders who fought in Crete during WWII and after avoiding capture found refuge with the Tzangarakis family from the village of Labini in Rethymno, Crete.

The Joint Committee for the Battle of Crete and the Greek Campaign is now calling on Greek Australians and the wider community to show their support and click on the petition to show their support in naming  the new Metro station at Pitt Street in Sydney after Captain Reginald Saunders. Members of the public are encouraged to do so before the closing date of 11 May 2022.

Support the Petition - Visit: NSW Place and Road Naming Proposals System

The Secretary of the Joint Committee, Nick Andriotakis, has been pushing this noble cause in  honouring the Indigenous ANZAC hero as it  “will educate current and future generations and promote social cohesion of the modern multicultural Australian society.”

“Captain Reginald Saunders’ legacy is multi-layered,” Mr Andriotakis says.

“It connects to and encompasses a whole cross-section of people that originated from and later settled in Australia. From the First Peoples to Australians of European and Asian heritage.

“Captain Saunders served in Europe, in mainland Greece and Crete, Asia in Korea and through the Pacific region and North Africa. The diaspora in Australia is from a wide geographic spread including origins from these regions. His legacy transcends all cultures.

PHOTO 1 Nick Andriotakis. 1024x768 1
Nick Andriotakis, Secretary of the Joint Committee, with of the last of the ANZACs, 105-year-old Alf Carpenter

“The new railway station in the Sydney CBD will be used by millions of people every year from across the world across Australia and across Sydney.

“The Joint Committee for the Commemoration of the Battle of Crete and the Greek Campaign encourages all Australians to support the legacy of this amazing, courageous and inspirational Indigenous Australian through the naming of the new Saunders Railway Station.”

Support the Petition - Visit: NSW Place and Road Naming Proposals System

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