Eleni Foureira and Konstantinos Argiros: A night walk in Mykonos (VIDEO)

eleni foureira konstantinos argiros

After London, where she traveled shortly before Easter, Eleni Foureira is now in Mykonos, and spotted alongside fellow beloved singer Konstantinos Argiros and George Arsenakos, co-founder and CEO of Panik Records.

The camera of Mykonos Live TV spotted the three during their night out in Chora.

The 34-year-old singer's career is going from good to better with her reputation once again crossing borders, as she became the first singer from Greece to be photographed and given an interview to the internationally renowned American magazine "V Magazine".

But Argiros is also at his best as in a few days time his new album entitled "22" will be released.

Watch the new video clip from his album:

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