Greece: 14-month-old baby diagnosed with first case of hepatitis in the country

baby hand acute hepatitis

In Heraklion (Crete) a case of hepatitis in a child was found, it is being investigated whether it is connected with other cases of inflammatory liver diseases that have been reported around the world.

According to Cretapost, the 14-month-old boy had been ill with coronavirus only a few months ago. Reportedly, it all started some time ago when the child developed symptoms of hepatitis, as a result of which the parents took him to see a pediatrician.

The doctor noticed an enlarged liver and immediately ordered the necessary tests, fearing that this was exactly the case of acute infectious hepatitis, which has been discussed abroad lately.

Examinations have shown a sharp increase in transaminase levels, but they are still below the threshold for anxiety and hospitalization. The baby is under the close supervision of the attending physicians.

Procedures have already begun to determine whether this case is considered suspicious due to acute hepatitis, which is prevalent in British children.

According to the cretapost website, scientists briefed them on his condition and recommended constant monitoring. If transaminases reach or exceed the limit of 500, then the child must be hospitalised in the infectious diseases department.

In addition, the fact that the baby had a coronavirus a few months ago is taken into account. In particular, it is being investigated whether the inflammatory liver disease that is diagnosed is related to the coronavirus, or is it something completely different.