Pak community leader Javed Aslam with Palestine flag in Athens: “What does this have to do with May Day?!”

Javed Aslam

Pakistani provocateur and leader of a Pakistani community organisation, Javed Aslam, was seen with the flag of Palestine on the way to Labour Day rallies in the centre of Athens.

Citing a social media user, Directus wrote: “Now, what can Palestine, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Israel have to do with May Day? Only New Democracy knows who granted him asylum.”

The President of Pakistan Community of Greece Unity often hobnobs with KEERFA (United Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat, Greece) and smaller Greek leftist oriented groups.

Although being granted asylum when SYRIZA were in power, his status was updated by the current New Democracy government.

This is despite the fact that he describes Greek as being racist, and even more concerningly, being wanted by INTERPOL for a 2005 case involving human smuggling.

He also advises illegal immigrants how to avoid arrest and deportation, and especially on how to manipulate human rights clause to get asylum.

It is recalled that on October 9, Javed manipulated the Pakistani community into hijacking a leftist rally, warning his compatriots that if they do not join the rally, then the Greek government would deport more than 100 Pakistanis everyday.

He was using the anti-fascist rally on October 9 2021 as the occasion to gather illegal Pakistanis against Greek government by instigating the fear of deportations and to garner more support for SYRIZA.

Meanwhile, metro trains ground to a halt and ships were docked in ports as thousands of workers joined May Day rallies in the Greek capital to protest against soaring energy and food prices.

Gas and power bills have surged, with price rises exacerbated by sanctions against Russia following its February 24 invasion of Ukraine, taking inflation in Greece to multi-year highs.

Police estimate that some 10,000 people marched in central Athens and gathered outside the Greek parliament over the cost of living that they say is becoming unaffordable.

“It is very tough, and every day it gets tougher for workers. We will fight it, because the working class cannot survive any more,” said Katerina Dekaristou, a teacher, standing outside the parliament.

Pantelis Iordanou, an car body painter, said.: Everything has risen. Electricity has risen, gas has risen, necessities have risen. It’s chaotic.”

“Javed AslamWe can’t get paid fast enough to pay something else. We are trying with every means to cut out what is [not] necessary to pay these things,” he added.

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