Sandhurst 2022: Greeks named most lethal squad; first among foreign cadets


The Greeks (Hellenic Military Academy) were awarded the title of the most lethal team and the first place among many other foreign teams in the SANDHURST 2022 military skills competition at West Point in the United States, according to the Greek General Staff of the Army.


The competition was attended by a total of 48 teams [35 from the USA (Westpoint and other Academies) and 13 from other countries (Australia, Brazil, Germany, Georgia, Denmark, Italy, Mexico, South Korea, Poland, Chile, Canada ( with 2 teams) and the United Kingdom (with 2 teams)], the Hellenic  Army Academy also participated with a team consisting of 2 Officers, 1 Physical Education teacher and 11 Cadets.

“Sandhurst is a military skills competition that was brought over by the English to West Point as an Officer’s competition, initially. It’s grown to bring in ROTC teams and other academies like the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard, and now we bring in other international Cadets,” said Noah Umezaki, a senior from the University of North Georgia. “It’s just going over military training, military skills, and endurance. Anything you can really think of that would be tied to military training, we will be testing and competing against each other this weekend.”




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