Afroditi Latinopoulou: "Animal abuse is bigger news than the abuse of a 17-year-old by Pakistanis"

Afroditi Latinopoulou

The young politician of New Democracy from Thessaloniki, Afroditi Latinopoulou, continues to provoke with the positions she expresses on her social media.

This time she decided to comment in her own way on the issue of cat abuse in Edipsos.

The politician, known for her provocative posts, decided to make a comparison of incidents and draw her own conclusions.

"In Greece, animal abuse is considered bigger news than the abuse of a 17-year-old by Pakistanis. The culprit for the cat will be punished and rightly so. Will the Pakistanis pay 50,000 euros respectively? Will they be deported? Or will they roam free again to commit new crimes?" she wrote on Twitter.

Naturally, her post provoked reactions on social media, with some reacting, but others applauding what she wrote.

Greek authorities on Monday held a 30 year old Albanian man suspected of enticing a kitten with food at a restaurant where he was dining and then kicking it into the sea, according to the Police Minister.

Minister Takis Theodorikakos voiced shock at the incident, which triggered outrage on Greek social media Sunday after a video was posted online, apparently by one of the suspect’s friends.

“Violence against animals is unacceptable,” Theodorikakos said in a Facebook post. “I cordially congratulate those who brought the matter to the public attention.”

The video showed people dining outdoors at a seaside restaurant in a village on the island of Evia, central Greece.

Two kittens approached, asking for food. One of the group held a small fish in front of one of the kittens, enticing it to come closer, and when it did, kicked it into the sea. The second kitten escaped.

Greek media said locals took the kitten to a vet for examination, and it was unhurt.

Meanwhile, a 23-year-old Pakistani man was arrested on May 30 in the Athens neighbourhood of ​​Colonus by police officers of the Immediate Action (Group G) for kidnapping a minor, as well as complicity and violence against employees.

The 23-year-old together with his accomplices located on May 28 the 17-year-old near Larissa Station and abducted her, transporting her to their apartment, where they kept her against her will.

The 17-year-old managed to escape last on Saturday night and call for help. Police immediately rushed to the spot where they located and arrested the 23-year-old foreigner, who was identified by the victim.

The 17-year-old was transported accompanied by police officers to a hospital in Attica for examination and was then received by a relative. It is noted that at least two more accomplices of the 23-year-old are wanted to be arrested.

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