Greek Australian Theoni Marks makes THE VOICE after mesmerising audiences with the biggest song in the world


Greek Australian Theoni Marks, has made the cut in the Australian edition of THE VOICE after mesmerising the world on her Blind Audition debut with her performance by taking on one of the most difficult and biggest songs in the world right now: Adele's Easy on Me.

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Speaking  to Greek City Times, Marks talked about the nail-biting thriller of a show given that all judges had their teams filled, with only Rita Ora having one free space to take on a contestant. Well it didn't take long for Rita to make that decision as judges and audiences were so mesmerised by Marks' performance they encouraged her to take on Theoni.

"Before the audition I was shaking with nerves. I knew there was only one slot left and I was determined to get it. But once I got on stage, nothing else mattered. I suddenly felt a sense peace wash over me and I somehow knew that this was meant for me. Seeing all the coaches come together and encourage Rita to press the turn button and them greeting me with their smiling faces was absolutely incredible. 

"Walking off stage with Rita and greeting my family afterwards felt like a dream I was buzzing all over. This experience has been unlike any other and one that I will deeply treasure for the entirety of my career. I’m so thankful to the voice and for this opportunity and I can’t wait to see where this journey leads!" said the talented Greek Australian who has been quietly and persistently making her musical journey, through hard work and humility.

The 19-year-old smashed it out of the park  earning the praise of everyone.

“Come on, Adele, it’s a massive song to take on,” Ora said.

“Not only did you take it on, but you made that song yours tonight.

“That song is like this generation’s ‘Let it Be’,” Keith Urban added.

“We need this message in our world so badly, that all of us need to learn how to go easy on ourselves and each other, and you just personified that.

“This is not only fate, but it was so meant to be that there’s only one way forward for you in this competition,” Ora said, and then presses the silver Battle Pass button ensuring Theoni a place in her team’s top six.

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