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Natasa Theodoridou’s much anticipated new song to be released later this month, is already causing excitement amongst fans, whilst Australian fans have an extra reason, given she will be touring Australia this year.

Last month the songstress announced she has a new song coming soon and days later shared a teaser of the track that’s gone viral. The 37-seconds-snippet of the song Natasa shared, has been played and viewed on repeat, leaving fans in extreme anticipation for the song in its entirety. In the meantime fans have been expressing their love and excitement for the song, creating their own videos dancing and singing along to the audio of ‘Den Drapikes’.

Teaser new song - Den Drapikes

The multi-platinum artist’s infectious ballad was written by none other than her hitmaker friend and fellow artist, Petros Iakovidis, produced alongside Panayiotis Brakoulias, with her record label Heaven Music.

Dynamic duo - Natasa Theodoridou and Petros Iakovidis

Iakovidis and Theodoridou teamed up during the pandemic's 'Menoume Spiti' lockdowns, keeping quarantined households across the globe entertained. Natasa's weekly live streams with her fellow famous friends, rated as one of the most popular Instagram live's amongst Greek music enthusiasts. The platform also gave the singer an opportunity to showcase her personality, prompting encouragement from her followers and peers, suggesting that the singer consider having her own variety talk show.

Fortunately for us, Natasa is not changing careers anytime soon and didn't waste any time getting back onto the stage and into the studio.

Behind the scenes of the making of Den Drapikes video

Natasa has successfully tapped into the social media sensation of this generation, where she regularly connects with her fans and often shares impromptu casual performances from her kamarini (dressing room). The rapport she has established with her fans is what separates her amongst the rest, she has used the devices of today’s socials to maintain and grow her online community and has fun whilst doing so! It is evident that she enjoys the interaction with her fans, as much as her fans enjoy theirs with the singer. - another teaser of 'Den Drapikes'

Photoshoot from 'Den Drapikes'

Having spent the past several decades carving out a lane as one of the industry's most successful female singers, Natasa is the only female artist to have her first three albums reach platinum status, with a total of ten platinum and three gold albums.

Natasa’s portfolio of duets both live and studio recordings, shows the singer’s diversity with genres and styles, ranging from laika to pop. Her songs are timeless, her vocals mesmerizing, and her effortless elegance radiates on and off the stage.

Beautiful Natasa

Natasa Theodoridou fans are counting down to May 23 when her new single ‘Den Drapikes’ will be released with Heaven Music.

Australian fans will have the pleasure of seeing Natasa live later this year in October 2022, thanks to Giant Entertainment.

Australian tour - tickets available soon


Natasa Theodoridou

Heaven Music

Giant Entertainment - Natasa Theodoridou Australian Tour

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