Man arrested for alleged rape of Ukrainian woman in Athens

rape skiathos sexual assault

A 62-year-old man that allegedly raped a Ukrainian woman at her home in Athens has been arrested.

According to the complaint, the incident happened on the night of May Day. The 62-year-old went to the woman's house in the centre of Athens and "had intercourse with her against her will".

He allegedly threatened her in order not to say anything. However, the 46-year-old informed the police and the next night (May 2) the 62-year-old was arrested in the area of ​​Papagou in eastern Athens.

A case has been filed against him for "rape" and "threat" and he was taken to the Prosecutor where he asked for and received a deadline to testify, according to Proto Thema.

It should be noted that an examination of the 46-year-old has been ordered by a medical examiner.

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