Yiayia Anna celebrates her 100th birthday and reveals the secret of her longevity (PHOTOS)

Yiayia Anna 100th birthday

Yiayia Anna, born in the Aromanian village of Kokkinoplo in Elassona municipality in 1922, is the eldest of four sisters, has eight children, 16 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren and celebrated her 100th birthday in their arms.

Her eldest child was born in 1939 and is alive and is 82 years old, the eldest grandchild is 56 years old and the eldest great-grandson is 28 years old.

She unfortunately lost her husband 26 years ago.

Yiayia Anna stated that the main secret that helped to hit 100 is the lack of stress and the herbs of Olympus that she consumes.



A few days ago, she celebrated her birthday at her home in Kalivia vilage in Elassona, at a surprise party prepared by her family and attended by family, friends and relatives.

According to Elassona884, the house was filled with smiles but also with many wishes for Yiayia Anna Gerofaka, who did not hide her joy when being in the arms of her loved ones.

For her part, she wished everyone to be healthy and to be able to reach her age.

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