Tatar: Cypriots ‘are preparing to shed blood’

Ersin Tatar. Cyprus drones

Undoubtedly annoyed by Cyprus’ decision to strengthen its military defence, Turkish-Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar claims “Greek Cypriots have started an aggressive armament program and are preparing to shed blood.”

Speaking to the Turkish newspaper Turkiye, Tatar, leader of the unrecognized entity in Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus, tried to compare the situation in Cyprus with that in Ukraine.

“What happened in Ukraine showed the whole world how right we were. In the past, Greek Cypriots were equipped for defence purposes. Now,” he claimed, “the dogma has changed and Greek Cypriots have been given weapons and weapon systems worth 300 million euros.”

“Greek Cypriots are trying to shed blood, and trying to drag Cyprus back to the chaos before 1974,” Tatar said, adding that the primary goal is to turn the whole of Cyprus into an EU island with a Greek-Cypriot identity.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied the island`s northern third. Numerous rounds of talks under the UN aegis to reunite the island under a federal roof failed to yield results.

Western countries are in a race to arm Greek Cyprus, Tatar said, noting that assault and attack weapons totalling 300 million euros had been provided to the south of the island.

“What is being experienced in Ukraine has shown the world how right we are. Previously the Greek Cypriots were being armed for defence purposes. Now that concept has changed,’’ the Turkish Cypriot leader said.