Tsarouchas – Chris Rock will sue Will Smith for Oscars slap

Ouzo talk Tsarouchas

Greek-Canadian comedian Angelo Tsarouchas, says Chris Rock is preparing to sue Will Smith for the infamous slap at this year’s Academy Awards – a moment that Tsarouchas says has changed comedy forever.


Currently, on his successful Mythology tour of Australia, Tsarcouchas told the Ouzo Talk podcast during a wide-ranging discussion that he is confident that Rock will be taking Smith to court.

“He’s gonna sue guys,” said Tsarouchas.

“He’s got advisers – he’s gone to the number one law firm in America, New York. I know it for a fact.”

In remarks eerily similar to those made by fellow Canadian comedian – Jim Carrey –following the Oscars incident, Tsarouchas told Ouzo Talk that Rock will sue for the sum of $200 million in damages.

“They’re gonna liquidate him (Smith) because what he did was wrong. It was assault, and they let it go. A man assaulted another man on live TV. If you let it go, you’re setting an example to everybody that you can go and hit somebody and it’s okay.”

But the damage to comedy has already been done according to Tsarouchas – the lack of action now setting a dangerous precedent that has inspired suspected copycat attacks, including the attack of Dave Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl.

“It (comedy) has changed,” Tsarouchas told Ouzo Talk.

“I support Chris Rock because now if they let this go guys – what? I’m going to be on stage and a guy decides I offended him.

“There’s a space – there’s a trust. As a comic, I’m telling jokes. If you don’t like what I’m doing, you don’t have to like it.

“We’ve become so fucking sensitive, who are offended by the littlest of things.

“Chris Rock was smart guys. By him not retaliating it showed restraint.”

Tsarouchas will wrap up his Mythology Australian tour next week with final shows in Melbourne before heading back to the USA.

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