Earthquake rattles Crete with 4.4 R, exact epicentre as Sept 2021 quake

20220509 052412

A M4.3 earthquake hit in the middle of the island of Crete (Greece) and was felt as far as Athens, more than 300 km away. Also felt in the Turkish Aegean coast. Three weeks ago, there was a M4.2 almost at the same location.

Head of Earthquake Planning and Protection Authority, Efthimios Lekkas, told news website news. Gr, that the 4.4. R tremor had the exact epicentre as the 6-R-earthquake of September 27, 2021, that killed one and caused severe damage to houses and buildings.

Lekkas stressed that the tremor on Sunday was an aftershock of the 2021 earthquake. He appeared, however, reassuring, noting that the seismic activity may continue, but the citizens should not worry.

This is the second biggish earthquake that happened today in Greece. The first one (4.3M) took place neat Thebes, north of Attica: