e.wave X: The new "Made in Greece" electric car

e.wave X e.go made in greece

It's been several months since the electric car company introduced to Greece the e.GO Life, a small Made in Greece electric city car with limited features and an average aesthetic image, but now the Germant start-up has launched the e.wave X.

The new model comes to spark interest in a category that we would not even say has much competition, according to News Auto.

Beautiful, small, purely electric, with good autonomy and elegant appearance, and even able to accommodate four passengers, you do not find a comparable car so easily.

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The e.wave X, which was unveiled with the famous football player Neymar as ambassador, has the necessary stylistic touches, such as roof rails, protective plastics on the domes and round fog lamps.

Inside has a single 23-inch digital display that enhances the quality and stands out from the e.GO we saw a year ago.

It is also four-seater, allowing for two passengers in the rear, even if they are crammed.

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Another big upgrade has to do with the autonomy of e.wave X, as it can reach 240 kilometres based on measurements and according to the WLTP cycle.

It is equipped with a 109 hp (80 kW) electric motor and the drive is transmitted to the rear axle. The car also supports fast charging (in an 11-speed charger).

In other words, it is a decent electric small intended for city use, without lagging behind in quality or safety, with the purchase price estimated to be close to 25,000 euros.

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What makes the e.wave X even more interesting is that the company has already announced its intentions to produce the small electric car in Greece.

In other words, it is very likely that we will soon see Neymar's favourite... little car made in Greece.

The implications will be its purchase price, jobs and the stimulation of the Greek motor vehicle industry that has suffered.

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Designed by German startup e.GO Mobile, the e-wave X was officially unveiled in Berlin on May 6th, at an IFA-sponsored public launch event. It has yet to enter production, so not many specs have been released at this point.

That said, the company has stated that the four-seater car features an aluminum space frame for both added safety and improved handling; a polymer outer skin which is dyed all the way through, so scratches won't show up too much; LED headlights; a rearview camera; intelligent parking sensors; and the ability to be charged either from an 11-kilowatt wall-mounted fast charger or from any household electrical outlet.

There's no word on how long a charge takes, or on battery capacity, but a single charge should be good for a city-driving range of 240 km – that figure is presumably in the Eco drive mode, which is accompanied by Comfort and Sport modes. Its motor offers 80 kilowatts of peak power.

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Some of the vehicle's other features include hill start assist; ambient light and rain sensors; an integrated roof rack; plus AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) functionality, which generates an external sound to alert pedestrians, children, etc. to the otherwise quiet-running EV's presence.

The e-wave X's 23-inch-wide (58.4-cm) cockpit includes an all-digital touchscreen display; wireless smartphone charging along with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity; a height- and width-adjustable three-spoke steering wheel; and a choice of fabric or vegan leather upholstery – Isofix-standard attachment points allow child safety seats to be fastened to the rear and passenger seats.

Potential buyers can reserve an e-wave X now, with pricing starting at €24,990 (about US$26,395) – there's currently no word on availability outside of Germany. Deliveries are expected to begin at the end of the year.

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