Greece's Sexiest Eurovision Performances


Eurovision may be a singing contest, but in many cases, the contestants' appearance has been far more important than their vocal skills.

Both the stage presence and the bright clothes of the singers, as well as the special choreography of some participations, have monopolised the interest of the audience a few times.

From Katy Garbi in 1983 to Eleni Foureira and Fuego, the sexiest appearances on the stage of the biggest song contest have the strong aroma of Greece.

See below the women who woke up with their temperament, their explosiveness and their beautiful curves, the Eurovision audience

Katy Garbi - Greece, Land of Light

Katy Garbi participated in the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest , singing "Greece, land of light" and won Ninth place.

The blue dress, with the slits on the sides, was unforgettable, while all her look and natural beauty managed to enter the Guinness Book.

In particular, her overall stage presence, look, movement and performance, enchanted the Eurovision directors who could not take their eyes and cameras off her.

She is the only contestant whose lens immortalised her face at close-up for 43 full seconds without any interruption!

It is the only time so far that such a thing happened in the pan-European singing competition, since the beauty, charm and talent of the singer really magnetised the whole of Europe.

Kalomira - My Secret Combination

In 2008, Greece was not excluded from the hot female presences. The sweet Kalomira turned everyone upside down and showed her sexy side.

Singing "My Secret Combination" and changing her dress on stage, Kalomira danced solo for a few seconds, managing to secure many 12s for Greece. The result justified it, after winning third place on the night of the grand final.

Eleni Foureira - Fuego

Eleni Foureira and "Fuego" took a few minutes to flood Europe and beyond.

The participation of the singer with Cyprus, gathered everyone's attention in the competition in 2018, leaving her mark in Eurovision.

The appearance of Eleni Foureira with the glamorous creation of Vrettos Vrettakos captivated everyone's eyes and she became the protagonist of the night, giving Cyprus the highest position she ever won in the competition, second.

Both Fuego and its explosive choreography remain breathtaking to this day.

Helena Paparizou - My Number One

In 2005 Helena Paparizou wrote history in the Eurovision Song Contest but also in Greece itself , after achieving first place.

With the air of the winner from the beginning of the grand final, Paparizou sang "My Number One" in Kiev and brought the country to the top, stirring up the whole of Europe with her unique performance.

She sang while dancing, while combining her sexy appearance with tradition and Pontian music.

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