70+ violations of Greek airspace by Turkish fighter jets, naval cooperation aircraft and UAVs

Turkish f-16 jets Turkey greek airspace

The Turks are escalating their provocative actions over the Aegean again by violating Greek airspace in a single day.

On Tuesday alone, Turkey proceeded with 74 violations of Greece's national airspace and 12 violations of the air traffic rules in the Athens Flight Information Region.

Of the 74 violations, 29 were committed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), 30 by ATR-72 naval cooperation aircraft and 15 by F-16 fighter jets. A total of 18 Turkish F-16 fighters flew over islets, two of which were armed.

The Turkish aircraft flew to the Northeast, Central and Southeast Aegean and, according to Greek military authorities, were identified and intercepted in accordance with international rules and established practice.

Meanwhile, critics blame surging prices on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's economic policies, which have seen interest rates lowered to boost growth and exports.

In contrast to most economists, the Turkish leader has opposed higher borrowing costs because he says they cause inflation.

In countries like the UK and US, leaders have used increased interest rates to combat inflation.

The UK's inflation rate was 7% in the year to March, while the Bank of England raised its base rate to 1% last week, Sky News reported.

Turkey's central bank cut interest rates by 5% from September to January. The figure is now 14%.

The Turkish lira lost 44% of its value against the US dollar in 2021.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has led to growing gas, oil and grain prices, which have hit Turkey especially badly because the country relies heavily on imports.

In the transport sector, prices have gone up by 106%, followed by an increase of 89% for food and non-alcoholic drinks, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute.

The government has cut taxes on essential goods and adjusted energy prices.

The Turkish president said he expects inflation to start to come down in May.

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