Throwback to Katy Garbi's 1993 Eurovision performance

Katy Garbi

Eurovision fans are waiting for the Grand Final on Saturday and it seems that Katy Garbi is doing the same.

On the occasion of the appearance of Amanda Georgiadis on the stage of the competition, in which she qualified for the final, the singer remembered her own participation.

Katy Garbi posted on her personal Instagram account a video from the distant 1993 when she had appeared on the stage of Eurovision and sung "Greece, Land of Light", with which she had represented Greece.

"Emotion", the singer wrote in the caption of her social media post.

Katy Garbi last March gave an interview to Fotis Sergoulopoulos and his new YouTube channel, revealing, among other things, about the legendary blue dress she wore in her appearance at Eurovision 1993 with the song "Greece, land of light".

Fotis Sergoulopoulos asked her if she still has the sexy blue dress, created by Silia Kritharioti, in her closet.

She said: "I had given it to a friend very close, he kept it at home, I met him after many years and he told me that the dress does not exist. But I want to ask Celia to make a copy of it since she has my measures ".

In fact, she later said that she was very frivolous in giving it and did not keep it. "How did I do that? Too bad, I do not even say it to myself," he said.

It is recalled that this appearance had caused ... a stir, as everyone was wondering if the singer was wearing underwear through her dress!

The appearance of Katy Garbi at Eurovision in 1993.

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