Explosion on the perimeter of the Court of Appeal in the centre of Athens

By 5 months ago

At the entrance to the Court of Appeal, a man set fire to a backpack he left behind. The bag was equipped with an explosive mechanism.

AT ΕΛΑΣ sounded the alarm when in the centre of Athens, near the building of the Court of Appeal, a schoolbag thrown by someone suddenly flared up.

A search of video footage recorded by the Court of Appeal’s cameras showed that a man aged 50-55 left a backpack in this place, and then, using a lighter, set it on fire.

Law enforcement agencies are already conducting an investigation to find the perpetrator and determine why he committed this act.

Explosive ordnance disposal officers arrived at the scene to setup a crime scene.

There were three bottles of flammable liquid in the bag, reports the Greek daily iefimerida. Gr.

The appeal court is the superior court (criminal, political or administrative) that hears appeals against decisions of a single or multiple court of first instance.

The complaint is filed with the Court of Appeal within the jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance. In jurisprudence, the Court of Appeal is also known as the “Civil Court of Appeal” to distinguish it from the criminal divisions of the Court of Appeal that make up the criminal courts.


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