Florina: Shepherd raped his underage daughter 3 times a week

child abuse florina

The details of  the sexual abuse of a minor girl by her father in Florina, which saw the light of day on Thursday, cause disgust.

Speaking to ANT1 about the case that has shocked Greece, Chrysanthi Spandonidou, a journalist from the region, pointed out that, according to the girl, the rape was repeated two to three times a week.

It took place anywhere the father could isolate his daughter, even in the stable, where the 35-year-old man worked as a shepherd.

The results of the forensic examination confirm sexual abuse.

A representative of the teachers, who spoke on the show, noted that the key to revealing the case was the contact that the girl had with the psychologist of the school she attended.

As the teacher noted, "at one point, she visited the psychologist who goes to the school once a week. Colleagues saw that the child was reserved, worried and scared.

"I talked to her and then I asked for the help of the people in charge and so we started to unravel the tangle.

"The child came to us this year, a child in the first year of High School. I do not know what happened in previous years.

"This child had the courage to say what she said, confessed and opened up after watching a few days, to say some things," the teacher pointed out.

It is recalled that the father of the minor is in custody in the hospital of Florina, as as soon as the case was made public, he allegedly attempted suicide.

The minor, who is being monitored by a child psychologist, was removed from the family environment and is being housed in a welfare facility.

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