Tesla freezes orders for Model S in Greece due to excessive demand


It is no longer news that electric cars are sold in Greece and Tesla is having a party in this category. Almost 1,300 have been ordered in Greece in the last year and a half now. If we include foreign imports, the number increases significantly, exceeding 1,500 units.

Model 3 and Model Y are available in Greece, while the Model Y Performance version has recently started, which has more than 500 hp and is manufactured in the new GigaFactory in Germany.

However, a model that steals the show and is expected to be seen in 2023 is the Model S in the Plaid version. It is basically the top and fastest Tesla in history, which has already aroused the interest of fast drivers everywhere.

Tesla freezes orders for Model S in Greece due to excessive demand 1

Incredible performance

This model weighs 2,162 kg and delivers 1,022 hp (from three engines) through the four wheels and offers breathtaking performance reminiscent of a supercar.

Specifically in the language of numbers, 0-100 is achieved in 2.1 seconds, 0-400 (metres) in 9.23 seconds while the final speed reaches 322 km / h.

According to the American firm, the autonomy reaches 637 kilometers (with… normal driving). Other elements also make sense, such as the luggage compartment of 793 litres (!).

The 17- inch touch screen on the center console with a resolution of 2200 x 1300. The sound system of 22-speaker and 960 watts and the… steering wheel!

Tesla freezes orders for Model S in Greece due to excessive demand 2

Orders stop

The price in Greece exceeds 130,000 euros, but it seems that the buying public that wants it does not complain at all are are willing to pay such a price. Orders for this model are already high and according to News Auto, have already exceeded 90.

Those who wish to proceed with a new order, do not have the opportunity as the company froze them due to demand.

With such a demand though, it can only be expected that more will be available for sale in Greece.

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