Vladimir Putin is very ill with blood cancer: Russian oligarch

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Vladimir Putin is very ill with blood cancer, according to a Russian oligarch claimed new information, reported New Lines magazine.

According to the media outlet, an audio recording of the Russian oligarch making the comments were shared with the media outlet, only to compound rumours about Putin health who was recently seen seated with a blanket covering him as he observed the military parade on Victory Day.


'A Western venture capitalist taped the conversation in mid-March without the oligarch’s foreknowledge or consent. The source provided the recording to New Lines on the condition that we not publicly identify him. He says he betrayed a colleague’s trust out of disgust with the war in Ukraine — a disgust his secretly recorded interlocutor evidently shares. “He absolutely ruined Russia’s economy, Ukraine’s economy and many other economies — ruined [them] absolutely,” the oligarch says of Putin.

“The problem is with his head. … One crazy guy can turn the world upside down.”

'New Lines was easily able to authenticate the oligarch’s identity and voice. We have taken the decision to withhold his name or any compromising details of his biography because of the high probability disclosing it would lead to state retaliation. Russia has imposed a sentence of 15 years imprisonment for those found guilty of spreading “fake” information about the war in Ukraine, which is to say stating the facts about it.

'Oligarchs in particular have much to lose, given that their ability to earn and spend their hundreds of millions or billions is inextricably tied to their fealty to the Kremlin. Roman Abramovich, erstwhile owner of the Chelsea Football Club in London, may have been poisoned while trying to help Ukraine negotiate a peace deal. In all, eight oligarchs, many involved in Russia’s lucrative energy sector, have turned up dead since January; two under eerily similar circumstances as geographically distant as Catalonia and Moscow, alongside their wives and children, whom they were thought to have murdered before committing suicide.'


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