ATHENS: 28-year-old brutally murders his Pakistani father while he slept

Police car Greece Greek Pakistani Athens Thessaloniki

A brutal crime unfolded in the centre of Athens when a 28-year-old man stabbed his Pakistani father as he slept.

According to ERT, the perpetrator of the murder is a 28-year-old man who informed police about his heinous act.

The 28-year-old killed his father on Voulgari Street in Omonia Square in the centre of Athens before calling the police and confessed to his crime.

The crime happened on Sunday morning but became known on Monday when the perpetrator called the police and confessed to the murder. Police arrived at the scene and found the unfortunate 52-year-old Pakistani dead in his bedroom.

Sources said the 28-year-old perpetrator is of Greek nationality, as his mother is Greek, and has psychological problems. It is expected that he will be ordered to a psychiatric institution.

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