Decision on masks in Greece will be made tomorrow

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The Greek government guidance on the use of face masks in public indoor spaces will be made tomorrow, Health Minister Thanos Plevris said on Tuesday.

The recommendation will weigh heavily on the government’s decision, with Plevris saying that mask-wearing will most possibly remain compulsory in hospitals and nursing homes.

He added that a decision has yet to be attained on using Covid-19 protection in public transport, supermarkets and schools.

As of Monday, face masks are no longer required for passengers flying to many destinations within the European Union, but Greece is among the countries keeping the mask rule.

Plevris said it is important that EU countries try “to keep a common line,” adding that mask-wearing is only a “mild” inconvenience.

The country’s health authorities on Monday announced 3,066 new cases of Covid-19 and 24 virus-related deaths.

Plevris said that despite the drop in Covid-19 cases, restrictions will most likely need to be reintroduced after the summer.