Thessaloniki: "They cut the genitals of newborn kittens and twisted them like a cloth", says resident

kitten Thessaloniki

The details of horrendous animal abuse committed on Tuesday in Thessaloniki are shocking, as it became known that an unknown person or persons slaughtered and mutilated two stray kittens.

The whole neighbourhood of Filiros is still upset and as they say, they are not going to calm down until they discover who is responsible for this crime.

The two kittens were born in the yard of the apartment building where Chryssa Kouroukerezi lives and she described the history of abuse to Proto Thema.

She said the incident took place around 7pm on Tuesday, when the kittens, which had been born three weeks ago, were found dead and thrown into a large bowl placed by another resident in the yard of the apartment building which was used as a feeder for stray cats.

"Literally the newborn kittens they killed were found twisted, like twisting a cloth to drain it of water. At the bottom they were open and their genitals were missing," she described in shock.

The residents of Ethnikis Aminis Street are shocked by the horrible case of death and have taken an active role in order to find those responsible and bring them to justice.

In fact, after the lawsuit filed to police by two women in the area, the residents collected money which they intend to give to anyone who provides information about the perpetrator or perpetrators.

According to Kouroukerezi, in the past there have been several incidents in the area, however, residents estimate that due to the brutality of the crime, they are probably not the same perpetrators.

"This is the first time something so horrible is happening in our area and we are very worried. We hope that he or those who did it will be identified quickly," she said.

"Today it was a kitten, tomorrow he can do it to our children as well, as he who does not hesitate to take a life, has no hesitations", Kouroukerezi said with concern.

In addition, residents do not rule out the possibility that the perpetrators killed the kittens in order to send a message to those people who feed the homeless in the area.

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