Turkish analyst's claim that "Greece aims to retake Istanbul"


"Greece has targeted Istanbul, with the backs of the West," the retired Turkish military commander and security expert Coşkun Başbuğ provocatively claimed.

Speaking on the Haber Global television network, Başbuğ analysed the "expansionist" aspirations of Greece, which reach the conquest of the former capital of the Byzantine (East Roman) Empire.

"Greece, with support from the West, has reached these geographical boundaries. Is that enough for them?" the security expert first asked, before showing the map and answering in one word: "No."

See it at 6:26:

"Greece claims that this is our goal, the old map of Byzantium," he said, adding: "And in this direction they say 'I have my ideology and my ideals'."

On the same wavelength and the strategic analyst Abdullah Çiftçi, who also spoke of Greek "hostility" aimed at Istanbul.

"In the opposition, as well as in the government in Greece, there is hostility towards Turkey, there is no difference. And what do they seek? Does Greece have aspirations for Istanbul?" askedthe Turkish analyst.

"Yes, of course they do," Çiftçi replied.

All this was said on CNN Türk, one of the largest television networks in the country.

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