Flying to Mykonos and Santorini with a helicopter - the price

Santorini helicopter

In the age of technology and speed, transportation has become much easier than it used to be, and arriving in the Cycladic islands of Mykonos and Santorini has never been quicker.

Flights have more than doubled, travel times have been significantly reduced, trains are much faster and more comfortable, and even buses have been modernised and become a major means of transportation in many parts of the world.

All this need for mobility and the elimination of borders has resulted in an increase in private flights. A decade ago, renting a private jet or helicopter seemed inaccessible and certainly not aimed at a wide range of consumers.

Today, however, in the era of privacy, a trend reinforced by the pandemic, personalised flights have gained significant ground and concern a larger segment of well-to-do travelers, both Greeks and tourists.

The advantages of helicopter flights

The benefits for the lucky traveler are many: Helicopters are ideal for accessing crowded and inaccessible areas. From the hotel roof to the plains and meadows, helicopters do not need large landing sites, allowing them access to city centers and remote areas.

Perhaps one of the great advantages of helicopter flight is that passengers adjust their timetable as they wish, while combining their private flight with a potential commercial one.

In this way, access to unlimited locations and more airports, without waiting, queues and delays, makes the trip a much better experience, saving time and eliminating stress.

Modern aircraft and helicopter charter companies have upgraded their services to meet exactly this growing demand for private flights.

Their customers can use these services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with access to hundreds of aircraft types.

Among other things, private flight services include gastronomic options for the duration of the flight, but also medical services, in combination with ground services, such as ambulances and teams of qualified health operators.

Helicopter rental prices in Greece

According to Travel, the most popular destinations in Greece for helicopter or private jet flights are Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes and Kos.

Mykonos helicopter

Indicatively, the prices for helicopter rental per destination are as follows:

Athens to Mykonos, from 2,300 euros.

Athens to Santorini, from 3,500 euros.

Athens to Patmos, from 4,885 euros.

Mykonos to Santorini, from 2,015 euros.

In terms of aircraft rental, depending on the type and final destination, prices seem to start at around 1,800 euros and exceed 20,000 euros when it comes to long-distance service packages.

The reservation systems of the companies work like those of the ticket reservations, therefore the combinations of flights and destinations are unlimited.

How much does it cost to buy a helicopter?

Also of interest is the fact that several of the helicopter rental companies organise flight training programs, either individually or in groups, for aircraft or helicopters, for private or commercial licenses, for experienced and novice students.

In order to obtain a helicopter pilot's degree, the trainee pilot must attend a 260-hour ground school for about five months and prices of approximately 4,000 euros plus VAT. The pilot will then have to complete 45 hours of flight, worth about 300 euros per hour.

Santorini helicopter

With the good weather of Greece as an ally, the lessons take place all year round, giving the prospective pilots the opportunity to acquire their own flying means of transport at some point, fulfilling a unique dream of a lifetime.

But how much does it cost to buy a helicopter? Strange as it may seem, the helicopter is much more expensive than the aircraft, because it is a unique machine that is not bound by runways and airports, such as the plane.

It is no coincidence that, in vast areas of large countries such as the US, helicopters are not only a means of transportation for holidays, but are also used very often by business executives, even on a daily basis, so that they can arrive at meetings and their work on time.

Helicopter Charter Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens - Icarus Jet

Abroad, for example, the cost of a small aircraft is estimated at about $60,000, while an average helicopter starts at around $200,000 and can exceed $20 million.

Also, for the refueling of a helicopter, simple gasoline is enough, while no money is required for airport fees or exorbitant amounts for maintenance.

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