Austrian Tourist Dies from fall at Matala caves in Crete

Matala Caves

An Austrian tourist died when he fell onto the caves of famous Matala in south Crete on Friday afternoon.

Locals called the ambulance service but they could not reach him and required the assistance of the Fire Service as the body was laying in a difficult to access area in the rocks below.

Citing eyewitnesses, local media reports that the tourist had fallen from a great high height and ended up on the rocks.

Eyewitnesses who were at the beach at that time said they were shocked to see the man falling.

The circumstances that led to the man’s fall and consequently his death are being investigated by Greek police autopsy to determine the causes of the man’s death.

According to TV channels, the man was an Austrian national on holiday in Crete, his age is given as 24 or 30 years old.

He had reportedly arrived at Heraklio with a couple of friends, however, he took the bus alone to visit the famous Matala caves.