5 restaurants in Santorini that satisfy all the senses


Traditional recipes in Santorini are based on authentic local produce and due to the enriched volcanic soil in Thira and the dry, humid climate, here you will taste some of the most flavoursome agricultural products available in the Aegean. 


This gorgeous Cycladic island is renowned for its distinctive dishes and culinary delights, including Domatokeftedes (tomato fritters), Fava (yellow split peas), and Domatinia (cherry tomatoes), their unique white aubergines and not to mention the splendid drops of red and white wine on offer!

With so many gourmet restaurants offering award-winning chefs’ creations to choose from, we have rounded up five of the finest that are guaranteed to satisfy all your senses.


Koukoumavlos Restaurant

Koukoumavlos is a fine restaurant of exquisite cuisine that lies in the breathtaking capital of Santorini, Fira. It stands out for its fine diningelegant designimpressive settingromantic atmosphere and attentive staff. The idyllic environment is enhanced by the astounding view of Fira the restaurant lavishly offers. The chef’s delectable gourmet dishes produced with eclectic ingredients are all impressively presented and remind little works of art ‒ of course, the taste does not lag behind as the recipes are mouthwatering. He manages to gracefully blend contemporary gastronomic techniques with local identity. The renowned chef has earned many awards and distinctions. He also believes that an important element that pairs up the excellent dishes, fine wines and glorious atmosphere is the proper music which he personally selects daily. The restaurant, which used to be an old mansion, owns an attractive minimalist terrace with wondrous surroundings and a fussy interior that exudes a baroque essence and indicates its past glory.




Having served some of Santorini’s most beautiful dishes for over 30 years, Selene’s is ideal for that special dinner that you will remember for a lifetime. Currently, on the menu, you will find Squid Fava, Shrimp Ravioli, Rabbit Stifado and Lamb Eggplant. With sweeping views and set in a medieval castle, it lies next to the famous vineyards and farmland. Here you have the opportunity to taste all local products and appreciate in depth the gastronomic culture of the island.

Selene Restaurant – Fine dining & Gourmet Restaurant in Santorini

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Specialising in Seafood and Modern Greek cuisine, Alati has evolved from a 400-year-old winery cave into an enchanting eatery. Indoor or terrace dining showcase the creative fish and seafood-inspired menu, created by executive chef Melina Chomata, giving guests a refined taste adventure. The delightful menu is based on the island’s unique products – including farmed fruit, vegetables and legumes, plus aromatic wines, with the restaurant receiving global recognition. Some of their specialties include fresh lobster served with goat milk and hand made pasta, spinach with grilled octopus, tahini and dried white figs, Santorinian zucchini chips and Traditional syrup sweets kourkoubinia served with rose ice cream.

Alati Vedema, a Luxury Collection Resort, Santorini



The awarded “1800” Restaurant in Oia is set in a restored mansion built around 1845. It is a typical Santorinian captain’s house and here you will discover creative traditional Greek dishes full of colour, texture and flavour. From the starters to the salads, the main courses and the desserts, the best quality ingredients are used, treating you to a unique culinary experience. The dishes are presented in an asymmetrical fashion, every plate resembling a canvas, painted by the chef, who mixes colourful ingredients to create numerous different flavours.


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Mr E.

As Mr. E’s guest, you will not only savor the tastes, but also the hospitality and sharing, ingredients of equal importance in Greece, as much as the food itself in this unique culinary journey. Carefully selected ingredients meet the inspiration and creativity of Mr. E’s chefs in an inspired menu that will take you on an epicurean adventure to the tastes and flavours of Greece and the Mediterranean. Enjoy fresh fish and seafood, classic recipes with a contemporary twist, colourful salads and meat dishes that are made to pair perfectly with wines from Santorini, Greece and the world.


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