Anthony Albanese Wins Federal Election, is Next Australian Prime Minister

Anthony Albanese wins federal election Australian Prime Minister

The Australian Labor Party has won the federal election 2022 in what was a brutal defeat for the Coalition, with Anthony Albanese set to become the next Prime Minister of Australia.

The Prime Minister-elect gave his victory speech in Sydney just before midnight.

"I pay my respects to the Elders, past and present and emerging and on behalf of the Australian Labor Party I commit to the Uluru statement in full," he began.

"And I say to my fellow Australians, thank you for this extraordinary honour. Tonight the Australian people have vote for change.

"I am humbled by this victory. And I am honoured to be given the opportunity to serve as the 31st Prime Minister of Australia.

"My fellow Australians, it says a lot about our heat country that the son of a single mother who was on a disability pension, grew up in public housing down the road in Camperdown, can stand before you tonight as Australia's prime minister.

Anthony Albanese wins federal election Australian Prime Minister

Visibly emotional, Albanese thanked his mum.

"To my mum, Maryanne, who is beaming down on us. Thank you," he said.

"My mother dreamt of a better life for me.

"And I hope that my journey in life inspires Australians to reach for the stars. I want Australia to continue to be a country that no matter where you live, who you worship, who you love, or what your last name is, has no restrictions on your journey in life."

Anthony Albanese Australian Prime Minister

Anthony Albanese is vowing to act on climate change, turning Australia into a renewable energy superpower.  He has promised to lift the minimum wage  of workers, strengthen Medicare and protect superannuation.

As Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese committed to an Indigenous Voice in Parliament and vowed to tackle corruption by establishing a national anticorruption commission.  He has vowed to also fix the crisis in aged care and to make full and equal opportunity for woman a national economic and social priority.

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Conceding defeat in what has been called a 'Coalition bloodbath', Scott Morrison stepped down as leader and congratulated Albanese on his win.

Quitting as leader of the Liberal Party, Morrison says he will continue to serve as Cook MP.

"We have been a strong government. We have been a good government. Australia is stronger as a result of our efforts over these last three terms," Morrison said.

Anthony Albanese wins federal election Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison defeat Jenny Morrison
Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison concedes defeat, with his wife Jenny and daughters Lily and Abbey by his side.

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