The Skopelos beaches you MUST swim at


Skopelos and its picture perfect beaches were of course endeared and immortalised in the movie "Mama Mia."

The island’s beaches are made magical by the combination of fine pebbles, pine trees reaching all the way to the sea, as well as crystal-clear turquoise waters, but what are the best beaches to swim at this summer?

Milia is of course the island’s impressive and famous beach of the island, which is helped by the fact that it is the largest. It offers a beach bar with umbrellas, while visitors may find quiet spots on both flanks.

Best Beaches of Skopelos Island ,Milia Beach. Sporades Stock Image - Image of beach, bathing: 127446463

This beach draws many people. Its parking lot at the back is usually insufficient, requiring visitors to park further away and walk to the beach.

Skopelos’ Kastani beach, a little further north and surrounded by a pine trees, also offers a beach bar. This beach gained international exposure through the hit film “Mamma Mia” and has since developed into a big attraction.

If you have a boat, some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches on the island’s west coast are situated north of Kastani. These spots are ideal for visitors wishing to steer clear of big crowds.

Kastani - Skopelos, Sporades Islands

The southernmost section of Hovolo beach is also very beautiful. Panormos, situated on the way to Milia, is a large, pebble-covered beach. Some of the island’s finest restaurants and tavernas are based right behind this beach.

Stafylos beach, ideal for families, attracts many persons. It is serviced, offering beach umbrellas and other amenities.

Skopelos Stafilos beach: Photos, Map, Hotels, See & Do | Greeka

Velanio beach, hidden behind a cape’s rock, was once a secluded beach attracting nudists, but is now serviced.

Fortunately, the northern section of Velanio beach, beyond the rock, has remained remote, beautiful and unadulterated. This is now the only spot left for nudists on the island.

Some of Skopelos’ quietest beaches are situated in the northeast, detached from the island’s tourism activity, even though they can be reached on land, via roads or trails.

Perivoli is the northeastern section’s most popular beach.

Perivoli - Picture of Perivoliou Beach, Skopelos - Tripadvisor

It hosts a delightful canteen. If desiring even more serenity, head to either Kanalaki or Hontrogiorgis beach.

Also in the area, Keramoto beach, small yet extremely beautiful with crystal-clear waters, is set between impressive beach rocks.

Here are the 36 beaches of the island:

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