Souvlaki price nears 4 euros in Greece as costs explode

SKEWER'D Melbourne

Souvlaki is to become a luxury as the price approaches 4 euros.

Gone are the days when the Greeks’ favourite “street food”, traditional souvlaki, was on the fast food and cheap eats list.

The increase in price for the ingredients had “hit” your Greeks favorite food to never seen before prices.

Add to this the price of gyros has leaped to more than 3 euros, and according to the shop owners its price may reach 4 euros!

“Customers are very unhappy with the situation."

But they do not understand what is happening in the market today. They think that by raising prices, we thereby increase our profits. But it’s not the case! We have big problems with the raw ingredients we buy due to rising costs, says the local shop owners.

For example, flatbread, sunflower oil, chicken meat, pork, and paper packaging have risen sharply. We bought a ten-litre package of sunflower oil in February at 1.40 (per kg) and now its 3.20-3.49.

The cost of meat products has risen by about 35% since January,” says Aris Chronopoulos, owner of the souvlaki shops in Haidari, Egaleo and Pallini.