Monaco: Rare Snap of Athina Onassis, heiress of Aristotle's wealth

Athina Onassis

The new passion of the golden heiress of Onassis is Alberto Giorgi has stolen the broken heart of Athina Onassis, who is going through a difficult with divorce lvaro de Miranda Neto, commonly known as Doda.

What began initially as an affair with Alvaro de Miranda Neto or Doda with a then 32-year-old Athina in 2003 at a riding competition, ended in marriage in 2005, but divorce 11 years later.

Marriage and divorce have been discussed a lot in the world media. And Athina, tired of the constant flashes of television cameras covering the details of her personal life, decided to abandon publicity.

She rarely appeared at parties, and the last celebration at which she was publicly seen was the wedding of her best friend, which took place in October last year.

Rare footage of Athina Onassis' in public was seen in Monaco. The simple and at the same time chic look of the “golden heiress”, the last offspring of the legendary Onassis family, is striking.

A long time after the voluntary imprisonment, Athina Onassis again came out. The young lady attended the wedding of Sami Zane and Laurent van Berkel in Monaco.

She was wearing a simple floral dress in white and blue. Her hair was loose and her only accessory was a very expensive watch.

The “golden heiress” rarely appears in society and seems to be trying to turn the page of her life, putting an end to rumors, the essence of which was that she was suffering from depression and an eating disorder.

The photo was uploaded to her Instagram profile by Greek-American Yanna Darilis, who was also at the glamorous wedding as an invitee.

One of the couples who chatted with Athina for a long time was Yanna with her husband George Psipsika. According to her, it was a great honour for them to meet the young lady, to talk about life, her great love and horses.

Athina Onassis agreed to pose with them, which she rarely does.

It is noted that at the same wedding, according to Espresso, in addition to Rita Ora, Antonis Remos and Anna Vissi were present and singing, and among the guests were Chrysanthos Panas, Nikos Aliagas, Silia Kritarioti, Marina Vernicu, Kate Panagopoulou, Marietta Khrusala and other socialites.

Passion for horses

One of the biggest passions of the wealthy heiress of Aristotle Onassis are horses, many times she herself took part in equestrian competitions.

One of the horses she raised from a young age and was her favurite was “Corneto K”. A wonderful black stallion which could easily jump over an obstacle 1.60 m high.

The ex-husband of Athina Doda also adored the horse.

After the divorce, Athina, for her own reasons, decided to part with her pet. The sale of the horse interested the businessman and equestrian athlete Alberto Giorgi.

Business people began to meet to discuss the deal. And over time, their conversations became more and more frequent. Athina and Alberto became close to each other.

And, as it usually happens, the foreign media picked up the “hot topic”, telling “in secret to the whole world” about the new great love in the life of Athina Onassis, who found solace in the arms of Alberto.

According to foreign media, the golden heiress of Aristotle Onassis was the reason that Alberto divorced his partner, Analysis Giudini, a businesswoman from Northern Italy.

Now Athina and Alberto spend many hours together in the Netherlands and share their great love for horses. Their mutual friend and trainer Alberto, Dutch former Olympic equestrian champion Jan Topps, is happy to welcome lovers.

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