16-year-old Christian girl kidnapped in Pakistan and forced to become Muslim

Christian girl convert

Another case has emerged in Pakistan of a Christian being forced to convert to Islam.

As the Voice Of Pakistan Minority blog reported, the South Asian country has sunken deep into the pit of Forced Conversions for so long and sadly, it continues to do so.

The most vulnerable among them are the minor girls from the Hindu and Christian communities. Every day, we hear about the cases of conversions mostly from Punjab and Sindh.

Now, a 16-year-old Christian girl, Saba has been kidnapped on 20th May in the morning at 9 AM from Rasool Park Road, Faisalabad. She was going to work with her sister when this incident took place.

According to the FIR registered with the police by her mother Rubina Bibi, she was abducted by a 45 yr old Muslim man Yasir, who happens to be their neighbor along with 3 others.

According to the father of Saba, who is the sanitary worker at Insaf Textile Printing Mills, Nadeem Masih, the police are favoring the culprits rather than helping recover the victim. They have also been told by the authorities to wait for the statement from Saba of her conversion and marriage.

He further told that his wife Rubina had a knee injury and this is why her daughters are working in her place to earn bread for the family, as they are poor people. He said it pains him to send her daughters to work but he is compelled to do so because of the poverty.

Church leaders also cited that the biggest challenge they face being a minority in Pakistan is that of Forced Conversions. They are raising questions for the past years to deal with this crime but their plea falls on the deaf ears.

Are these courts only for the powerful? Why are the safety laws not applied to the minorities here?