Texas school shooting: Salvador Ramos made friend requests to Greek teenagers on social media

Salvador Ramos

The Yubo application, that allows users to do livestreaming by communicating with strangers, was used by 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, who brutally murdered 21 people in a Texas school shooting on Tuesday.

Among the people who received friend requests or messages were teenagers from Greece, according to an article in the New York Times.

A 15-year-old German girl, who did not want to be named, simply spoke under her pseudonym Cece, said in an interview that she met the 18-year-old perpetrator of the Texas massacre about two weeks ago on Yubo.

Through this application, other teenagers, from California to Greece, had received friend requests from the young man who painted Robb Elementary School with blood, the relevant article writes.

He had hinted that he would do something with a semi-automatic weapon

Salvador Ramos turned 18 on May 16 and the 15-year-old German claimed he had made a video call to her a few days before his birthday from a gun shop, where he told her he was buying an AR-15 rifle.

In the following days, Ramos left messages that he will do something with the semi-automatic but without specifying how he will use it.

On Monday night, the night before the school shootings, he told her he had received a package from an online order and sent her a photo of a large cardboard box that he said had ammunition.

Cece claimed that Ramos showed her in a video call, a black bag that seemed to contain many ammunition cartridges and at least one rifle before killing 19 students and two teachers, New York Times reported.

Texas shooter, 18, posted gun pics on Instagram days before chilling attack

He told his online friend that he had just shot his grandmother and that he was going to open fire on elementary school students.

In previous conversations, he had told the 15-year-old German that he had a bad relationship with both his mother and grandmother and that he had previously punched his older sister, and that he had pushed an ex-girlfriend.

At least 19 children, two adults killed in Texas elementary school  shooting, gunman reported dead - The Globe and Mail

She said she read the messages as soon as he sent them, but was curious if he actually meant it.

It was only when she heard the news of the elementary school massacre that she asked a friend in the US to contact authorities.

Robb Elementary School teacher recalls moment she heard gunfire in nearby  class

Now she regrets that she was late in informing the authorities because the evil could have been prevented as she says.

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