CNN Türk journalist: “Maybe we will take the Aegean islands”

CNN Turk

Turkish provocation has escalated after the direct threats made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu against Greek islands in the Aegean, with a series of pro-government media, including CNN Türk, making threats and warnings against our country.

Journalist Zafer Şahin, referring to the infamous “EGAYDAAK” list , spoke of 152 islands, islets and rocket islets that – according to him, have not been defined by International Agreements and that in the future could be military occupied by Turkey.

In the CNN Türk studio was the president of the “Homeland” party, Muharrem İnce, who reacted strongly to Şahin’s position, commenting that: “Turkey has no ambitions for anyone’s islands.”

However, he received a cynical answer from the journalist: “Maybe we’ll take them, who knows?”

Ince also reacted strongly to Şahin’s claims that the Lausanne Treaty could be “updated” in favour of Ankara.

The party leader provocatively referred to 152 Greek islands, islets and rocky islands, whose sovereignty has supposedly not been determined, according to international law, citing the list “EGAYDAAK”.

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