Greece adopts historic national climate law

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Greece has adopted a national climate law following the approval of the Energy & Environment Ministry's bill on the National Law on Climate in Parliament on Thursday.

Only the  ruling New Democracy approved it, in principle; it was rejected by all opposition parties.

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The clause concerning the emergency 600-euro state subsidy for electricity bills was approved by New Democracy, while Syriza-Progressive Alliance, Pasok-Kinal, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and Greek Solution voted 'present'. MeRA25 rejected it.

Another clause that was approved provides for the mandatory exemption of specific areas from reforestation, namely ones that have been declared as reforestable but have not been ratified in forest maps. This was approved by New Democracy, rejected by Syriza, the KKE and MeRA25 whilst Pasok-Kinal and Greek Solution voted 'present'.

It is the first climate law in Greek history, according to statements by the government spokesman (May 20), who said it defines an institutional framework for the reduction of "greenhouse gas emissions to deal with the climate crisis."