Greece Now magazine Greece Arab World Arabia

'Greece Now' magazine is a luxurious travel guide that is bringing a taste of Greece to the Arab world.

Designed to showcase the beauty that exists in every corner of Greece, the sophisticated publication is taking the Arab world by storm, featuring as an annual insert in one of the world's most respected international magazines, Harper's Bazaar Arabia.

Currently being circulated via the Harper's Bazaar Arabia May Edition 2022, 'Greece Now' was first published in 2018 and for the second time in 2020.

Greece Now magazine Greece Arab World Arabia

The 'Greece Now' team are all avid travellers who have collated some impressive stories and photography featuring the most interesting people and remarkable businesses in Greece, filling the magazine's pages with the culture, scenery, tastes, smells and the exquisite beauty of Greece.

At the wheel of the venture is Vassilios Nicolaos Vitsilogiannis, a journalist and political scientist who has enjoyed an illustrious international career in the media industry highlighted by numerous collaborations with major media outlets.

Joining Vassilios on this epic international flight are co-pilots Vivi Andritsou, a luxury brand sales director who has worked in the print media field for almost two decades; and Nicholas Papavasiliou, decade-long publisher and managing partner at The Media Workshop Ltd.

Additional team members include Filia Mitromara, Elina Yiannoulopoulou, Evgenia Chatzopoulou, and John Seferos, who together create a synergy of professionalism, creativity, productivity and friendship.

Greece Now magazine Greece Arab World Arabia

Harper's Bazaar Greece Now Arab World

Unsurprisingly, Greece is a top tourist destination preference for millions of travellers all around the world, including those from the Arab states, who are drawn each year to Greece's endless blue sea, sky, sun and to enjoy its rich culture, history, food and the unparalleled hospitality of the Greek people.

From the Peloponnese, Crete, Santorini, to Mykonos, Zante, Corfu and Rhodes, the list of magnificent places to experience in Greece is endless.

However, the myriad of options and alternatives causes indecision in the most seasoned of travellers. With this in mind, 'Greece Now' is designed to allow the reader to get to know the country with its multitude of attractions, activities, accommodation and restaurant options, building a bridge between cultures and providing the ultimate travel guide for Greece.

Greece Now magazine Greece Arab World Arabia

Greece Now magazine Greece Arab World Arabia

"Many believe that Greece is not only what they have learned from the history books at school. Together with my team, we try to show that things are evolving in Greece, the country where culture and philosophy flourished," explains Vitsilogiannis.

When asked how this grand plan to share Greece with the world began Vitsilogiannis answers, "As we all know, each journey starts with just one small footstep, a tiny seed sown by us, a dream to come true.

"And just so, our journey as a team began over a nice meal at night."

Vitsilogiannis and business partner Andritsou were having dinner when the concept to develop the magazine was born.

"I would say that 'Greece Now' magazine is our brainchild," he says.

Greece Now magazine Greece Arab World Arabia Acropolis

Having lived and worked in the Emirates for more than eight years and being invited to all of the major events in Dubai, Vitsilogiannis had met quite of number of contacts from the media industry who, upon hearing about his new project, introduced him to the Harper's Bazaar Arabia editors. The rest is history.

"The publishing company found the idea exceptional, then we shook hands, we signed, and the deal was done," says Vitsilogiannis.

Bearing in mind the strong branding guidelines and style of Harper's Bazaar, the 'Greece Now' team had their work cut out to ensure their insert's design, aesthetic and contents would be in keeping with that of the sophisticated and conic publication.

"It was a great challenge for the whole team to be part of an international title like Harper's Bazaar," agreed Vitsilogiannis.

"I had already requested the layout of the whole magazine to be created by us based on a lengthy international research process we had completed concerning the content and the design. After this process, we were free to express our creativity."

In its much anticipated third edition, the 'Greece Now' team introduce the breakthrough topic of medical tourism, a new approach to medical services and talk about the ways in which Greece offers high-quality service alongside rational cost. The remainder of the pages are filled with fashion, accommodation, art and stunning travel destinations, including Mani, Crete, Santorini and Corfu.

Those in the Emirates are lucky enough to be first able to enjoy the printed copy of Greece Now in this month's May edition of Harper's Bazaar Arabia. The rest of the world can enjoy reading the digital copy online.

Access your digital copy of 'Greece Now':

Greece Now magazine Greece Arab World Arabia SantoriniGreece Now magazine Greece Arab World Arabia

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