CYPRUS: 5 beaches you MUST visit

Cyprus Ayia Napa

Although the world over knows of Mykonos and Ibiza, an often overlooked Mediterranean island for holidaymakers is Cyprus - despite its pristine beaches, ancient historical sites and food to rival any part of the world.

With summer just around the corner, here are FIVE beaches you MUST visit in Cyprus.


Nissi Beach Resort Αγία Νάπα, Κύπρος

This lively half-kilometre of soft, golden sand is well known for two things.

First, its broad, shallow stretch of warm enticing ocean, which makes it irresistible to the delicate hungover sensibilities of the party-hard Ayia Napa crowd that flocks here in the daytime.

BeachAtlas: Στις top 10 party beaches της Ευρώπης το Nissi Beach

Second, the island of Nissi, which is accessible along a narrow sandbar that becomes walkable at low tide.

Pop over and experience a moment of serenity, before getting gingerly back on the disco horse at one of the many popping beach bars.


Lara beach South on the map with photos and reviews🏖️

Far out on the island’s (genuinely) wild west coast, Lara Beach is tricky to reach, and with very good reason.

Loggerhead and green turtles all migrate here during the summer months to lay their eggs, part of a delicate life cycle that’s been going on unchanged for aeons.

Lara Bay |

Reaching Lara takes a wee bit of planning, and most likely a 4x4 (or boat) hire.

However, when you make it the splendid isolation and untamed vibe of this idyllic cove are well worth shelling out for.


Makronissos Beach (Ayia Napa) - How to get there and more info

Seen from above, it’s hard to escape the fact that Makronissos Beach resembles the tail of a fish – or, more likely, a party-loving dolphin.

Three separate beaches hug the fringes of this quirky mini-peninsula, all of them a shade more family friendly than 5km up the road in Ayia Napa proper.

Visit Makronissos Beach in Ayia Napa | Place | Hangout on Holiday

Every summer it hosts a music festival – Craig David played recently, and it’s hard to imagine a nicer spot to be taken for a drink on Tuesday, or chill by Sunday.

PARAMALI BEACH - Paramali (Turtle beach)

If the thought of lying stock still on a towel and idly sunning yourself for hours on end leaves you cold, Paramali Beach is the one for you.

Renowned among the local kitesurfing community for its consistent winds and deep, agreeably choppy waters, this quiet, undeveloped stretch of sand – don’t expect restaurants and posh cocktails here – is a magnet for adrenaline junkies. - Paramali (Turtle beach)

Beach bums need not apply. But blow-ins are more than welcome.


Summer Vacation in Cyprus Island. Protaras , Fig Tree Bay Stock Image -  Image of park, beach: 116262487

Named after – you guessed it – the shady, nodding trees lining its edge, this Protaras hotspot is nothing if not versatile.

Gently shelving into the cleanest sea you’ll find at any popular bathing spot – the sheer numbers of fish prove it – it’s safe and fun for kids, with plenty going on for active watersports keenos, and there are stacks of nearby restaurants if you get peckish.

Louis Hotels, Villa Collection | Things to do in Fig Tree Bay | Fig Tree Bay

Cyprus has more isolated, and arguably prettier beaches around – but the tourists and locals who flock here rightly couldn’t give a fig.

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