Dendias to Greece’s allies about Turkey: “Do not give in to blackmail”

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias

A message to the partners and allies of Greece is sent by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias , who responds to the Turkish provocation by presenting the strategy of our country.

Specifically, the Greek Foreign Minister, with his intervention in the newspaper Ta Nea, outlined the moves of the Greek diplomacy in the new challenges of Turkey and the increase of the tension in the bilateral relations with Greece.

As Dendias noted, Greece responds to the Turkish provocation of national sovereignty and its sovereign rights with three fixed parameters.

Dendias points out that our country reacts with prudence and composure.

“We choose the time and the way we will answer,” said Dendias.

He goes on to note that the second principle of Greece is the respect and the promotion of the positions of authority – respect for international law and protection of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states.

As he said: “Greece is not a clever neutral. It expects partners and allies not to give in to blackmail with any ‘mantle’, even if they are projected.”

Speaking about the Greek letter to the UN on Turkish provocations, Dendias noted that Greece responded and deconstructed with solid legal arguments against Ankara’s unprecedented questioning of sovereignty over the Aegean islands.

Finally, the Greek Foreign Minister points out that Athens does not want to have a Turkish-centered foreign policy that will simply react to the actions of the neighbouring country.

“We have clearly set the framework in which we offer to discuss our unique difference,” he said.

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