Greece should not fear Turkish aggression, Europe protects her: Romano Prodi


Greece should not fear Turkish aggression for it has the protection of Europe said former Italian prime minister and former European Commission president Romano Prodi.

Greece must 'feel absolutely peaceful and secure' in terms of Turkish aggression Prodi told Greek news agency ANA on Friday,

Responding to a question by during a press conference at the Union of Foreign Correspondents in Italy, Prodi said that "if there ever was a time when Greece should feel peaceful and secure, it is the current one. Greece should not worry - European countries were protected and are protected. My view is that no problem can arise in Greece's security or in any other European country's."

Prodi said that was not the case with Syria. "Syria's case proves the absence of Europe in the Mediterranean region. Twenty years ago, this would never have occurred, under any circumstances," the former European Commissioner underlined.

Asked whether there are any prospects for peace in Ukraine, he said that it does not matter who will assume the negotiating efforts, but that "talks begin and the United States and China come to 'a silent even agreement'."

In terms of the European Union's future, Prodi said that "the most realistic path that can be followed at this phase is that of an enhanced collaboration of the EU's founding members, along with some other countries that could be added to this group."