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‘Soulful’ Evzones Exhibition Sydney Launch

'Soulful' Evzones Exhibition Sydney Launch Nick Bourdo Bourdaniotis

The mesmerising and soulful photographic exhibition entitled ‘The Evzones Collection’ by esteemed photographer Nick Bourdaniotis launched in Sydney, Australia on Thursday night to a captivated audience.

Hosted by The Hellenic Club of Sydney, the exhibition was first launched in 2021 under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia with the express consent and blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Makarios.

Included as part of the official national programme celebrating the Bicentennial of Greece’s 1821 War of Independence and endorsed by the Greek Presidential Guard and the Hellenic General Staff of National Defence, the exhibition showcases the Evzones, Greece’s symbol of heroism in the most majestic light by way of a careful collation of Bourdaniotis’s most beloved photos.

Famous worldwide for his photographic brilliance, Nick Bourdaniotis has become the name synonymous with Evzone photography.

What began as a project of passion for Bourdaniotis has captured the hearts of Hellenics worldwide, with his hauntingly beautiful photography striking an emotional chord across generations.  His pictures of the Evzones magically encompass Greece’s history, traditions and collective memory, and all that makes Greeks, both in the homeland and abroad, proud of their heritage.

In acknowledgement of the unique and valuable contribution that Bourdaniotis’s art is making to an already rich Greek culture, the evening was attended by numerous dignitaries including His Eminence Archbishop Makarios, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia; Mr Christos Karras, Consul General of Greece in Australia; Mr Nikolas Hatzistergos, President of the Hellenic Club of Sydney.

Esteemed Evzones photographer, Nick Bourdaniotis
His Eminence Archbishop Makarios

“The Evzones have been, for over 150 years, the country’s highest guard of honour, and a national symbol of bravery and honour, determination and pride, freedom and independence,” said Consul-General Karras in his audience address, noting the opportunity that The Evzones Collection exhibition provides to truly connect with modern Greek history and culture.

“The Evzones are mostly known for their distinctive uniform, which has a long history and is inextricably linked to Greece’s national identity. With the ‘foustanella’ and the ‘tsarouhi’, the Evzones, became a symbol of the War of Independence. And after 1821, the Evzone’s uniform was adopted as the official national attire,” he said, warmly congratulating Bourdaniotis on the manner by which his photography respectfully and majestically captures the very essence of the Evzones.

“I have a passion. A passion for photography.”

Sydney-based Bourdaniotis explains his art simply, “I have a passion – a passion for photography.”

“I also have an underlying passion for my Greek heritage, that sensation you get when your feet touch the ground at Athens airport or when you arrive at the village your ancestors came from. That feeling, that emotion! I decided to join these two passions by uniquely capturing Greece; this led me to photograph the Greek Presidential Guard, Evzones.

“The photos you see here tonight come from my heart. They were never taken with a photo exhibition in mind. On the contrary, my Greek pride and passion drove me to take these photos of the Evzones.

Nick Bourdaniotis: “…my Greek passion and pride drove me to take these photos of the Evzones.”

With The Evzones Collection personally endorsed recently by Dr Lina Men-doni, Minister for Sport and Culture in Greece, the world is sitting up to take notice of Bourdaniotis’s artistic embodiment of the Greek spirit.

“It means the world to me,” says the clearly humbled Bourdaniotis, “and I’m proud to announce that the entire collection will be displayed at the Athens War Museum for one month starting from the 24th March 2023.”

“The photos you see here tonight come from my heart.”

The photography showcased as part of The Evzones Collection is available for purchase in both large artist prints as well as the official coffee table book.

See The Evzones Collection Exhibition from May 26th to Sunday 28th May at the newly renovated ‘Beta – The Grand’ in Sydney, Australia.

The Evzones Collection – Sydney Opening

27 – 29 May 2022

The Hellenic Club Sydney

Beta – The Grand

Level 2, 238 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000

(above Alpha Restaurant)

L-R: Master of Ceremonies for the evening Mr Elia Economou; Exhibition Director George Karantonis; Nick Bourdaniotis; and Exhibition Curator Ms Eirini Aligiannis
With Sydney artist Felicia Aroney
Mr Christos Karras, Consul General of Greece in Australia
Mr Nikolas Hatzistergos, President of the Hellenic Club of Sydney
Master of Ceremonies Elia Economou
The evening was closed beautifully by the Kytherian Dance Group

“None of this would be possible if it weren’t for my wife, Erenie and my two beautiful children, Billy and Krissy, who have always supported me and been by my side whilst I followed my dreams” Nick Bourdaniotis (R) pictured his wife Erenie Bourdaniotis (L) and friend of the family James (centre)

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