Turkish and Azeri special forces simulate capturing Greek islands

Turkish Azerbaijani special forces

With a simulation of landing on a Greek island, the Turkish exercise EFES 2022 is carried out with the participation of Azeri special forces that will act together with the respective Turkish ones in case of a Greek-Turkish crisis.

The scenario includes training "in penetrating behind enemy lines through the sea, clearing coastlines and attacking coastal enemy military installations as well as neutralizing targets," ProNews reported.

"Preparing for the EFES 2022 exercise, the Azerbaijan Army held training to infiltrate behind enemy lines by sea, clear the coastline, attack the enemy's coastal military facility, and neutralise targets."

As part of the exercise, Turkish fighter jets violated Greek airspace and flew over Greek territory.

"On Friday, May 7, 2022, a UAV unmanned aircraft flew at 12:55 above Makronisi Island and at 12:56 above Cannibal Islands at 19,000 feet respectively," says GEA.

It is clear that Ankara is following the "recipe" of using mercenaries like Volodymyr Zelensky, who enlisted thousands of Western mercenaries in the Ukrainian forces, in essence former military soldiers of the Western armies.

Ankara is acquainting the Azeris with the Aegean environment for when Azerbaijan needs to "repay" the debt it owes to Turkey for the 2021 victory over Nagorno-Karabakh.

Without the use of Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones, this collision would have ended like the previous ones. With the defeat of the Azeris…

It is noted that Turkey has conducted exercises in a similar scenario with Pakistan against Greece.

At the same time, Ankara is persistently calling for the demilitarisation of the Greek islands, and the Mitsotakis government is making sure to do so quietly as it sends weapons systems to Ukraine from the islands' reserves!

The concern is also caused by the fact that for the first time for this exercise, which takes place in the Gulf of Smyrna (Izmir), a Libyan warship, accompanied by a Turkish warship, which crossed the Aegean together and were there to participate in the exercise.

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