Despina Vandi: Her song dedication to Vasilis Bisbikis and their kiss - "Here is my love" (VIDEO)

Despina Vandi

After Despina Vandi sang her favourite song "Δεν υπάρχει γυρισμός" (There is no turning back), Vasilis Bisbikis took her by the hand and they exchanged a tender kiss.

The actor and Vandi are experiencing absolute love and from the moment they made their relationship public, they are inseparable.

Vandi now goes to Thessaloniki every week as she has started appearing in a well-known nightclub, together with Lefteris Pantazis.

Bisbikis accompanies her to Greece's second city and, in fact, often posts photos on Instagram with the singer on stage.


This time, his beloved wanted to make a dedication to him. So before starting to sing the song "There is no return", she approached him, who was sitting at the first table under the stage, bent down and sang the song, looking him in the eye.

Then, as we see in the video published by MyNews, he held her hand and at the end of the song, they exchanged a tender kiss, with the singer saying to the audience: "Allow me, right? It's my love here. "

Watch the video:



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