Christina Bomba Tanimanidi: Wave of support after negative reactions to her cleavage photos

Christina Bomba Tanimanidi

Christina Bomba Tanimanidi was targeted by social media users for her "revealing" photos, but she did not hesitate to answer back at them.

The influencer, who has over 720,000 followers on her Instagram and shares many photos and videos from her daily life, uploaded in her stories the negative comments she received because she wore a dress, that in the opinion of some, was revealing and did not match the image of a mother.

"If I were a man, would anyone correlate my morale with the amount of fabric that covers my body? Would anyone think I would be a bad father because I was on a business trip? Are we in 2022 or do we live in the Middle Ages?" she wrote on her story, which resulted in a wave of support for her.

"If Christina at that time was behind a cash register in a supermarket or any other job, no one under her would say such a thing. Just as the mother would say, the hero who works to raise her child. I believe that some things are completely prejudices and unfortunately they are prejudices that women cultivate for other women and this thing must stop. I consider it unacceptable in 2022 for a mum to be judged and commented by other mums on whether she is good or not because she went on a trip", said Eleonora Meleti.

Among those who wanted to support Christina Bomba Tanimanidi was her husband, Sakis Tanimanidis.

The presenter republished one of her photos and accompanied it with a text, in which he wrote: "I am so proud of you. In addition to the dynamic, beautiful woman I met, she also became a wonderful mother raising 2 twin girls."

"The following is for all women who have become mothers. Do what you want, wear what you like, go where you want and do not give an account to anyone except yourself," he said in his post.

She then republished on the subject of post: "Motherhood has no dress code."

In record time, the internet was filled with messages of support to Christina Bomba Tanimanidi but also to any modern woman-mother, who receives daily comments about her appearance.

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